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Submission Guidelines

7 simple rules

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To ensure that your blog submission is accepted for inclusion on, please ensure that you comply with the following:

  1. You must submit a blog and not anything else. The term “anything else” includes company websites, product promotional pages, discussion forums, link/doorway pages, collections of download links or hacks, jokes, job listings, stock market alerts and GK quizzes.
  2. Don’t use blogging tools to create websites defined under “anything else” (see point #1). Simply using a blog software or service such as WordPress, Movable Type or Blogger does not make a blogger. Simply posting links, images or videos without your own personal views does not make a blogger.
  3. Please submit the URL of your blog’s home page. Links to individual blog posts will be rejected.
  4. Please don’t submit the same URL twice, or duplicate blogs with different URLs. Our moderators are easily confused, especially on Monday mornings.
  5. If we suspect that a blog contains duplicate or unoriginal content without giving due credit to the original source, we check it with professional plagiarism detection tools. Blogs found with plagiarized content will not be approved.
  6. Blog submissions containing pornographic, adult or obscene material may be added to the personal bookmarks of our moderators, but cannot be allowed on the IndiBlogger network.
  7. Anything else, that is not defined under “Anything else” (see point #1) that we have not been smart enough to think of as yet, but would not approve of.