NYS Parks Alienation Brochure

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NYS Parks Alienation and Conversion Of Parkland in New York

No Net Loss Policy

Municipally owned parkland and open space are nonrenewable resources which are carefully preserved in all communities.  While the preservation of municipal parks and open space is our goal, OPRHP recognizes that sometimes a change in use of parkland may be necessary.  OPRHP endorses a “no net loss of parkland” policy.   Parkland “alienation” occurs when a municipality wishes to sell, lease, or discontinue municipal parkland.  These actions require the municipality to receive prior authorization from the State in the form of legislation enacted by the New York State Legislature and approved by the Governor.  Parkland “conversion” may also apply to municipal parks in New York State.  Parks with Federal dollars invested are subject to both alienation and conversion procedures. This brochure is designed to provide a brief overview of the alienation and conversion processes.  For more detailed information, please see the Handbook on the Alienation and Conversion of Municipal Parkland in New York.

Land & Water Conservation Fund

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Occurs when a municipality sells, leases or discontinues parkland.  The primary role of OPRHP is to provide advice and guidance to the municipality, concerned citizens, the Governor and the Legislature.  In instances where public grant funds have been invested in the park, OPRHP is more involved.