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1/24/2022 DOJ Document N/A The ADA Mediation Program: Questions and Answers ADA-Meadiation-Programs-Q&A.pdf
N/A What is the ADA Mediation Program?
The Department of Justice‚Äôs ADA Mediation Pr More ...
Web Link
1/24/2022 DOJ Document U.S. Department of Justice U.S. Dept of Justice Complaint Cover Letter DOJ-Cover-Letter-2020-01-24.pdf
Ed Schneider The Disability Rights Section works to achieve equal opportunity for people with More ...
6/18/2021 DOJ Document Ed Schneider Public Accommodations Complaint vs Town of Evans, NY Complaint-Form-Kennedy-Sidewalks-2021-06-18.pdf
U.S. Department of Justice Complaint letter to the US DOJ reguarding sidewalks on Kennedy Avenue.